British Virgin Islands

Our world is full of destinations to be explored by car, others by bike and some others are only available to admire by sailing the seas. That is the case with the British Virgin Islands – a destination that can only be explored sailing. Thus, to multiply the charm of our adventures on a special time of the year, we decided to escape to the BVI’s to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Some of us were about to meet for the first time, and several others couldn’t resist getting that special experience they have already had during our previous adventures.

So, for seven days long our crew sailed Caribbean Soul II – a brand-new monohull, to the secluded and sometimes inhabited islands and cays which compose the BVI’s. This area is famous for its perfect sailing conditions and the precipitation during this season is at its minimum, so all of the listed together made this trip unforgettable!

We started the journey aboard our 51Ft sailboat early in the morning and headed to Norman Island.

There we spent the rest of the day exploring the island and its different tropical fish and coral reefs. I must confess I have never seen anything like that before! The amount of sea creatures of all colors and at a short dive reach blew my mind! The picture down the water was so incredible that sometimes I had to remind myself it all was a Nature’s realm and not a Disneyland.

        Pictures by one of our participants Matt Andrew.

The very next day we made a few stops around Peter Island, unleashing our paddleboards and playing water games. After a few hours of fun we sailed away to make a stop by Peter Island Resort where we found a great spot to dock our sailboat and enjoy lunch. Then was Virgin Gorda (Fat Virgin), which showcased the most spectacular beach I’ve seen. How those rock formations ended up there was something I couldn’t answer myself even after hours of contemplation. And if the overwater part of this view impressed us a lot it was nothing close to what we saw exploring underwater.

And if the overwater part of this view impressed us a lot it was nothing close to what we saw exploring underwater. Fairy, alive, bright – this place is a Paradise on Earth! …Until the cruise ships arrive, of course. We were lucky to arrive at dawn, so this little Heaven for a few hours belonged to us only.

NYE we spent anchored between Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island and Larry Page’s Eustatia Island. Now it’s obvious why Eustatia Island, a Greek word meaning “good to stay place”, got its name for a good reason.

Waters there were like a gemstone – so clear that we were able to see the sun rays scrawling the bottom! Celebrating the start of a promising New Year with old and new friends, bonding and reminiscing about our recent experiences – it was pure bliss. Though, aside from indulging too much on rum, there’s not much to do at night compared to Europe, so we made it to bed fairly early and were up by sunrise, ready to take advantage of a full day.

What a correct decision! The sunrises in the British Virgin Islands had so many different shades: from dark purple, lightening to intense red and transforming into a light rainbow mix, that it made our breakfast views even more than spectacular! And what better way to start the year than by spending the day at the not so famous and deserted beach where, according to locals, the Corona commercial was filmed.

Even if this is just the tale for the tourists it surely looks like from the TV screen, so we let ourselves believe. Sailing among the deserted islands provokes imagining various scripts during dinners, but we have never experienced what it feels like to be on a deserted island in reality until we met Sandy Cay. It is all that your imagination draws and even more. White sandy beaches, palm trees and a horizon wide enough you

see you are in an island, a deserted island for sure. And that awakes your consciousness, forcing you to estimate your life, your values, your dreams...

Now, if you ask me which of those islands was better I would tell you that it’s something like comparing your kids. You just love all of them and they are out of comparison for different reasons, for the variety of feelings you get thinking of them.

Watch the following video highlighting our NYE Yacht Week in the British Virgin Islands.
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