With spectacular beaches, ancient villages and sparkling waters, Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast is a destination of culture and romance.

We sailed on a free-spirited journey from island to island, letting the wind, weather and water guide our itinerary.

Immersed in nature with a new group of friends, we arrived to each island ready for whatever adventures might come our way. Dubrovnik was also a highlight, a beautiful destination with inspiring architecture and an easygoing Mediterranean lifestyle.

We found plenty to explore, from the freshest seafood imaginable to historic coastal towns. Taking each day on its own, we connected with the rhythms of the sea. Making new friends with locals and each other, we experienced the true freedom of a new adventure. 

Yes escape in Croatia-1823
Yes escape in Croatia-1937
Yes escape in Croatia-1894
Yes escape in Croatia-1943
Yes escape in Croatia-1643
Yes escape in Croatia-1941
Yes escape in Croatia-1992
Yes escape in Croatia-2085
Watch the following video highlighting our Yatch Week in Croatia.
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