Can I book as a single traveler?

We welcome single travelers as well as couples. Our adventures are design to bring people together and make long lasting friendships.


Do you have any age restrictions?

The minimum age required to travel with us is 20 or your 20th birthday should be the same year of travel.


Can I bring other friends with me?

Not only you are welcome to bring your friends, but we will also reward you with $100 for each friend you bring.


How many hours per day are we going to be on the water sailing?

It is usually 3-4 hours between islands depending on the weather and wind conditions. Sometimes it could be longer but the longer sails are usually planned at the end of the trip when everybody is already accustomed with the yacht and the waters.


How many people are usually on these trips?

Our mission is to create intimate experiences where you can build good friendships. Each of our yachts fit 10 people (including captain) and we usually don’t exceed three boats on our voyages.


Is alcohol included in the price?

We don’t provide alcohol; our participants buy the alcohol of their choice themselves. We suggest going to the supermarket before your departure, as the shops on the islands are usually more expensive than on the mainland.


How many people does one cabin accommodate?

Each of our cabins fits up to two people. Each room comes with their own full bathroom.


What do we do during the day?

It is totally up to you and your travel companions. On a normal day you will spend your day relaxing on the yacht sailing from one port to another with a stop in an island to have lunch at a local restaurant and have a swim.


The distance between ports varies, but it is usually 3 to 4 hours in between islands with some exceptions. We would normally leave the marina early/mid morning and arrive to the next island in the afternoon. When our yachts dock into the port in the afternoon you will have time to explore the island and enjoy dinner/drinks with friends.


Can we buy flights through you?

We work with companies that provide competitive pricing on flights, so check with us ahead of time for the best available prices.


I’m worried about seasickness

People who suffer from seasickness have joined our trips in the past with great success. Our crew has used sea Bands in the past with great success. Not only they worked but also they helped them gain the confidence they need to embark on future adventures. We will provide a list of things to do, not do, eat or avoid eating to prevent any type of seasickness and be able to enjoy your trip.

Are any food or beverages included in the price of the yacht?

No food or beverages are included in the cost of the yacht due to different diet requirements and personal budgets.


What is the deposit? Why do I need to pay it?

Everyone that books a yacht needs to pay a deposit or the full amount of the trip upon booking. The deposit is a kind of insurance that you pay to secure your spot on one of our yachts before they are sold out.


Will you offer transfers from the airport to the marina?

No, currently there are no transfers between the airport and the marina. Also, we don’t recommend planning your flight to arrive the same day of embarkation as some flight delays may occur. Arrive a day before and explore the city the day prior to your embarkation.


Does our luggage have a weight limit?

We do not have weight limits, but keep in mind that storage space on the yachts is limited so we recommend packing in a small (cabin sized) soft bags.


What travel documents are required?

This depends on our nationality and destination you are arriving to. Make sure to check if you need a visa to enter the country and if your passport is up to date.


Will there be a storage area at the port that can be rented where we can store our suitcase or luggage?

There is usually no storage available in the port of embarkation so pack light or plan ahead with your hotel of arrival or departure. Most of the times your hotel can hold extra luggage for your while you’re sailing.

What additional costs can I expect on site?


Airport transfers (assistance available);

Personal travel insurance (highly recommended);

Food and drinks;

Additional activities;

Tourist taxes (if any);



I would like to join but none of my friends have vacation time.

No worries, you can register by yourself and we will accommodate you with another person who also goes by himself or herself.

Is this a couples or singles trip?

Our community is diverse so we are going to have both joining our voyage.

May I have a cabin for myself only?

All the cabins are double occupancy but you can book the whole cabin for yourself, you will just have to pay double so the second place is covered.

What kind of yacht do you use?

Depending on the destination and availability our yachts differ. For the most part we try to find the newest possible yacht. On our current trip to Greece our yacht is a brand new 45FT Lagoon 450 catamaran. It’s a 4 double bedroom each with their own bathroom.


Are food and drinks included?

Food and drinks are not included due to different diet requirements and personal budgets.


At what time is our yacht docking back at our base marina?

Depending on the destination, our yacht arrives Friday night or Saturday early morning. Plan your flights anytime after 11am on Saturday.

What kind of Visa or Passport information do I need?

A valid passport (for each passenger) and crew list is necessary for clearance. Expiration date must be no earlier than 6 months after your planned return. Schengen Visa is required for some countries when traveling to Europe. Please visit the destination consulate website to see if you need to apply for a visa. US. Citizens do not require a visa for most destinations but we advise to check regardless.

Is there wireless internet and cell phone service on the yacht?

Most of the times, there is complimentary wireless internet service available on the yacht during your sail. However, we cannot guarantee this on all of our destinations. We will have a cell phone available in case you need to reach us or make any local calls. If you must have wireless internet please contact us and we will facilitate the rental of a router.

Can I be back in the base marina on Friday to catch a flight out?

Our voyages are usually from Saturday to Saturday. The yachts arrive at the marina on Friday night or early on Saturday depending on the destination. We suggest booking your flights out of the destination anytime after 10am on Saturday.


What do I need to bring with me?

A valid passport.

Your boarding flight ticket.

Sunscreen, bathing suit, sunglasses, a camera, power cords for your electronics, a credit card, cash and any medications you may need during your stay.


Do we need to tip our captain?

You are not required to tip your captain but as with any other service, you should reward outstanding service with a tip.

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